Half-Day Winery Tour

The 2019 touring season is starting to heat up! While the Monte Creek Ranch tasting room is open year round, the other Kamloops wineries will begin to open on weekends as weather warms up and will soon be operating 7 days a week. Watch for the weekend schedules showing up as we update our site. Please call or email if you are planning or thinking about getting out and enjoying some great local wines!

The Kamloops Wine Trail (KWT) continues to grow and offers guests excellent local wines presented at beautiful locations, all within 20 minutes of downtown. Tailgate Tours is proud to be a hospitality partner of the KWT and we look forward to bringing you to their great facilities. Our region has recently been defined as a new BC wine appellation, a sign that all the hard work our local wine industry has put in is paying off !!!

All of our wineries have special events throughout the season. If you hear about any of them and would like to attend safely, please contact us. We have tour options that include some of those events.

Enjoy a private half-day winery tour.

Tours start at 11:00am or 2:00pm. Pick up at your location. Quick stop for coffee if desired and then we are off to our first winery. We will visit 2-3 wineries depending on our trail? Enjoy the tasting rooms. Some properties have facility tours that can be arranged in advance. Store any purchases in our cooler. The two wineries we visit will be pre-arranged and determined by your choices and/or timing.

Current tasting room hours are…

Please contact us to confirm availability and discuss timing and pick up. We will hold your space while we coordinate all other tour details.

Half Day-Wine

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